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Minesweeper is a single player puzzle online video game.The subject of the game is a clear a rectangular board containing hidden mines  or bombs without exploding any of them and  need of help from clues about the neighbouring mines in each field.Minesweeper has a variations and offshoots .

How to play Minesweeper:

Player has given grid of identical squares.From them some are randomly selected squares are unknown to the player are designated to have mines.Interestly Player have to set up size of the grid and number of the mines by entering the number and selecting from decided skill levels.Minesweeper  game has played  by revealing squared of the grid by clicking or point out each square.If player click square containing a mine then player has loses the game and In case no mine is revealed,A digit is visible  in the square,It mean  how many adjacent  square contain  mines ,If no mines are remain adjacent then square becomes  blank and all adjacent squares will be regardfully revealed.The player need to carefully not only  click each square  but also  mark  the square as containing  a mine.

Hello player!! Is this the right time to play with your mathematical and logical skills, a game of mines and number The Minesweeper?
About Minesweeper:
Minesweeper a logic based game of mines and numbers, a single player game in which player is provided with a board. Board have small squares which contain mines and numbers.
What have to be done by Player?: Player have to open each square avoiding a mine , as a mine open will end the game and you will lose. First square open by you will never be a mine as it is the initial part of the game. Each square open by you will reveal a mine or number .
Logic?: Each number open by you will reveal the position of mines placed around it. Player have to apply the skills used in this and predict where the mine is and then if you are sure or unsure of a mine than you can simply place flag over there by using specified keys controls.
The Frame board in which you will play is the standard minesweeper board , upper left corner contain the number of bombs left to find , upper right corner is a timer of sixteen minutes thirty-nine seconds. Learning mode is the feature provided in the game in which player can see the unopened squares content by using this feature, as this will help a beginner to gain the logic behind the numbers and make moves according to it. The general understanding of the game comes when you lose and you will lose when you play, so better to save time and play better with more ethics you can simply use learning mode feature as a beginner and without wasting any time you will be able to grasp the logic behind and then win constantly with more learning. BENEFITS: Logic Building can be improved as by playing minesweeper you will be able to improve the logic , which will eventually helps you in your daily life as well. Developing the habit of predicting scores and make more moves outside the board also as minesweeper will help you to be more into predicting things which obviously needs to be logical and mathematical and these things eventually help you to be more attentive. You have to open each block of square within the time and if you are unable to do so then the game automatically ends and you will lose or else if you accidently open the mine then also you will lose. Hurry please now go on playing and win more games using these basic logic.